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Ambassador Program for IBJ F.A.Q.


Q: I am interested in becoming an Incredible Bulk Juice Ambassador, how do I join?


A: Before signing up for your starter kit, we would like to talk with you to get to know you, please send us an email with your phone number and best time to call at ambassadors@incrediblebulkjuice.com.


Q: By joining will I become an employee of IBJ?


A: Although you are an ‘Ambassador’, we consider you a self-employed independent contractor.


Q: Do I need previous sales experience to work as an IBJ Ambassador?


A: Although it helps, sales experience is not necessary. We will offer you tips and suggestions as well as link you up with other Ambassadors to exchange ideas.


Q: I currently sell in-home products; can I sell IBJ products there as well?


A: Yes, of course! We encourage it. Selling IBJ during in home events, direct to retail stores are but a few vehicles to make money as an Ambassador at IBJ.


Q: Can I advertise on the internet or in publications?

A: Any internet or publication advertisement must be approved by IBJ first. Send an email to your Ambassador support representative with the details. Permission to advertise on the internet is always refused. If your sales numbers increase to 50k per year, IBJ will give you your own webpage within our site so that you can direct your customers there and the Ambassador commissions will be placed within your account.


Q: Can I sell to shops?

A: IBJ direct sales will not call on the shops within your territory. During the first years of this program, territories are offered free of charge. You can sell to any shop within your territory.


Q: A shop wants e-liquid from me, what are my next steps?

A: Call in the order and we will place it for you, you can give us the financial information and we will charge their credit card. Once the charge goes through, typically immediately, we will place the order for processing. Your specialized account number will be on all the invoices and orders.


Q: I have a friend who wants to become an Ambassador for IBJ, Is there an incentive for me for introducing them?

A: We would encourage you to do so. Please keep in mind, if your friend is in the same area as you, you’d have to work out a plan with them not to sell to the same people or stores.


Q: I would like to see a report on everything I’ve sold up to date. Can INJ provide me with that?

A: Yes of course. We can send your report to you with all the sales information and background data up to seven years.

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